Month: April 2013

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Treading in the Wake of Nicholas Hoare, and Learning from that Venerable Store

by Shaun A. Hogan

Nicholas Hoare, that embarrassment of writerly riches, is gone. And it’s a shame. The store had an air of manicured style, which is to say it was really nice inside—and while it’s heartening to know that its closure was speeded by Mr. Hoare’s retirement and not by rent hikes or tax bills,

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Wikipedia’s American (Male) Novelists List: If You Don’t Like It, Change It

by E. Martin Nolan

Amanda Filipacchi has discovered that female American novelists are being moved from the “American Novelist” list to a “American Women Novelists” list on Wikipedia while male novelists remain on the “American Novelists” list.

This is sad, but Filipacchi’s New York Times piece on the subject ends on a hopeful note: since word got out,

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Sonneteering: Billy Collins’s “Sonnet”

by Andy Verboom

collinsFirst, a preambulatory gem from Billy Collins’s 2004 lecture on Walt Whitman:

I’m going to talk about Walt Whitman today.
And I had written out a talk
and that took some time
and so I’m going to read it.
But I’m going to interrupt my reading
to talk about Whitman a little bit.

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Coach House Kicks off the Spring Launch Season

by Jess Taylor

chbPick an event, pick a venue, pick a date: the odds are in your favour. Coach House has spent the past year putting a little more oomph into the spring launch season, and Toronto’s Canlit junkies will be among the first to taste the fruits of their labours.

This past Thursday,

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Author Notes: Jessica Comola

by Jessica Comola

Recent Puritan author Jessica Comola discusses her “Hologram” poems from Issue XX.

Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues; give the glory to the Lord, and the Lamb. / Nations, and languages, and every Creature, in which is the breath of Life” (Fragment A, 1-2).

Christopher SmartThese are the lines with which Christopher Smart begins his Jubilate Agno.