Month: March 2013

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Author Notes: Peter Norman on Issue XX

by Peter Norman

Recent Puritan author Peter Norman had this to say about his poems from Issue XX:

I read that when the young Auden sent poems to Christopher Isherwood, many of them were sent back with a comment to the effect that “I liked this line and that line, but the whole thing’s not good.” Later,

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Workshop Poetry: Spectre and Spectacle

by Phoebe Wang

Probably InevitableIn his review of Matthew Tierney’s Probably Inevitable, Kevin Kvas attacks Tierney’s assertion that “there’s no breaking down the parts” of a poem. For Kvas, this verifies the futility of Creative Writing MFA and MA programs:

It’s magic? Is this what the Creative Writing M.(F.)A.

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From The Puritan Editors: an Epic 20th Issue

by Spencer Gordon & Tyler Willis

Issue XX: Winter 2013 is a bit of a milestone for us here at The Puritan. Putting together our debut issue, way back in the halcyon days of late 2006, seemed a daunting enough challenge on its own.

Somehow, someway, amid the dozens of irreparable mistakes and innumerable bridges burnt down to a crisp,

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How to Surrender to the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) in 2013

by Andrew F. Sullivan

Back from the AWP, all of this is pretty easy to mock: panels with folk sitting on the floor, waiting with their hands up for someone or anyone to call on them, call out to them, to share some wisdom with the masses.

Each question begins with some variation of “Well, now, in my own unpublished novel…” Each answered by the same long line of advice,

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As it is in its Reviews: Mathew Henderson’s The Lease

by E Martin Nolan

Mathew Henderson’s The Lease is a quick like. The content—Oil Field work—and the approach—lyrical but straight-ahead—easily combine to catch the reader’s attention. Add to this the book’s ability to approach the topic of oil from a mostly ignored perspective—that of the worker—and it’s small wonder the New York Times picked The Lease as one of its “Books of the Times.”

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Pinchin’ Pennies All The Livelong Day

by Shaun A. Hogan

Apologies for the appropriation, basketball nuts. Everyone else, excuse the hyperbole: this is March Madness. For those wanting a comprehensive list of March readings and lit events, I direct you to one of the many webpages that handles such things. For those looking for a few cool free ones, well, dear friends, read on.