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Author Note: Concetta Principe

by Concetta Principe

A Brief Gun Unregistry,” written by Concetta Principe, was published in The Puritan Issue 31. Here she discusses how she wrote it.

This poem is from a collection in-progress that I’ve titled, The Hole World.

This collection started with me thinking about dreams as rabbit holes, inspired by a childhood dream in which I encountered a white brilliant light in the basement of my grade school.

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Lolita in Neon Demon

by Dana Ewachow

The movie Neon Demon is being slammed for being provocative, exploitative, and even repulsive. It was booed at the Cannes film festival and has had its fair share of bad reviews. The film is about Jesse (played by Elle Fanning), a 16-year-old girl who moves to LA in hopes of becoming a model.

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Author Note: Maria Tessa Liem

by Maria Tessa Liem

The Slight Difference in Frequency Generates a Beat

Maria Tessa Liem is the author of “Exact Fraction,” a poem that appeared in Issue 32 of The Puritan. We’re pleased to present Liem’s explanation of what influenced the poem’s composition.

I spent some night or day watching a video over and over again.

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The Puritan Authors Omnibus #2

by The Puritan Editorial Staff

Each year, The Puritan Editorial Staff catches up with past magazine contributors who have published a book since the last Omnibus Interview. In the second installment, we hear from Laurie D Graham and Gary Barwin.

“Dudn’t Mean I’m Gonna Stop”: Spencer Gordon Asks Laurie D Graham about a Classic Auden Quote


Spencer Gordon: In a recent article for ​​The Walrus,