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Cool Ghost

by Julia Lederer

I strive to believe in ghosts of all sorts.
Somewhat half-heartedly.
The thing is, I love other-worldly beings and magical events that can’t be rationally explained.
In fiction.
In theory.
But in Living Non-Fiction (also known to me as my life) I can be rather clingy when it comes to a nice, well-reasoned and proven fact.
I like a clear explanation like a farmer likes a good egg.

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Author Note: Jeremy Colangelo

by Jeremy Colangelo

Jeremy Colangelo is the author of “The Fox Beneath the Statue,” a short story published in The Puritan Spring 2017.

When I was very young I would sometimes wander out of the house on cloudy days and walk meanders through the neighbourhood, pooling eventually at the empty playground behind my school.

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Asleep at Seaton Manor

by Theresa Ramirez

I live in a haunted apartment in the middle of downtown Toronto. This feels a bit ironic, as I am from England, where buildings are typically quite a bit older. I had assumed that living in a haunted house would no longer be a major concern for me now, living in a city known for its “hasty demolition of historical buildings.” Although,

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Bruised Plum

by Amy LeBlanc

She keeps having dreams about her grandmother—that she arrives uninvited to a dinner party—that she finds her, rifling through the apple bins in the produce aisle—that her grandmother turns up at her own funeral with a bouquet of white lilies and potato salad in a store bought container. She understands that none of these can happen because her grandmother’s funeral took place two weeks ago,