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Author Note: Jill Talbot

by Jill Talbot

Jill Talbot is the author of two poems, “A Towel’s Life” and “Ontology of Dreams,” in The Puritan’s Summer 2016 issue, poetry edited by Sonnet L’Abbé. For The Town Crier’s ongoing Author Notes series, here she talks about her writing process.

Sometimes I have to step out and look at a flower, David Foster Wallace said in reference to satire.

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MicroLit Review: Distributaries by Laura K. McRae

by Annick MacAskill

“Distributary: A branch of river that breaks off and flows away from the main stream.” So reads the epigraph to Laura K. McRae’s debut chapbook, Distributaries. The cover bears a photo showing a section of the Liao River in North East China, while the end matter presents a sketch of the Po River Delta in Italy.

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Author Note: David Alexander

by David Alexander

David Alexander published the poem “Food of the Gods, a How-To Guide” in The Puritan Issue 33, Spring 2016. Like many of his poems, it’s about chickens.

I’m eating wings at Ethel’s Lounge in Waterloo, 2005. My friend Sonal is vegan, and we’re close enough that she doesn’t mind needling me about dinner.

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Rambo of Green Gables: Part 4

by Cian Cruise

(Previously, Part 1: Intro, Part 2: Rambo, Part 3: Anne)

I never expected a manhunt to interrogate the fundamental assumptions of Western ontology. Nor did I expect a Victorian Bildungsroman to present a unified field theory of inchoate gender equality. But they both did,