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Author Note: Noah Burton

by Noah Burton

Noah Burton is the author behind “The Enjoyments,” a poem published in
The Puritan’s Issue 31. As part of our Author Note series, Burton answers the question, “In your practice, what would you say is the balance between silliness and seriousness?”

I like a bit of wobbly-teetering with my stacks of used-tires. So, most mornings, I begin by asking myself, without deciding one way or the other, 

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Notes from the Hamburglar

by Geoffrey Morrison

One night out of every week you can reliably find me wandering around somewhere between Bathurst and Dufferin as I wait for a literary event to start. I enjoy these walks—with a couple of hours to spend between work and the reading, and no fixed destination in the meantime, I circle like an extra in somebody else’s film.

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Exposition Review: Flash 405 Contest

by Exposition Review

As part of the Town Crier’s ongoing announcement of literary contests south of the border, we present a call out for the Flash 405 contest from Exposition Review. Read on for the announcement from the editors at Exposition Review, followed by words from Annlee Ellingson,

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Puritan Authors Summer Omnibus Interview #4

by The Puritan Editorial Staff

In the final installment of this epic Omnibus Interview, The Puritan editorial staff catches up with Kilby Smith-McGregor, Michael Prior, and Ashley-Elizabeth Best.

“Overt, Covert, and Subverted Associations”: E Martin Nolan Interviews Kilby Smith-McGregor

E Martin Nolan: If Kids in Triage was an exhibit of paintings,