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Author Note: Kirsti Salmi

by Kirsti Salmi

Kirsti Salmi is the author of “Coat the Blade,” a short story published in The Puritan’s Summer Issue 38. “Coat the Blade” was selected by guest editor Amy Jones. As part of The Town Crier’s author notes series, Salmi takes the time to give us some insight into the making of her story.

Recently I was asked by some college students to do an interview on “Coat the Blade.” They were doing presentations on it for their creative writing workshop.

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End of 2017 Update

by Jason Freure

No one has really enjoyed 2017. We probably all wish we were still mourning beloved celebrities like it was November 2016, but here we are. It’s 2017. The Puritan is ten years old and with a bit of luck we’re not going anywhere soon.

It’s been my second year running The Town Crier and my first as Operations Manager for The Puritan,

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“Stacked Lives Unfolding”: An Interview with Emily Anglin

by Catriona Wright

Emily Anglin is the author of The Third Person, a collection of nine uncanny stories. This interview took place over email.

Catriona Wright: The characters in The Third Person struggle to maintain professional, personal, and even corporeal boundaries between themselves and others. Slippages between the public and the private,

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The Beauty And The Blondes: Exploring The Connection Of Disease and Desire

by Dana Ewachow

I often torture my anxiety-riddled mind by reading books about apocalyptic futures caused by new plagues. I am the kind of person who becomes hyper-aware when too many commuters are coughing on the subway car, so I don’t know what compels me to pick up pieces and watch shows about contagion and the devastation it leaves behind.