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Not Strictly Platonic: Five Dialogues on the Unity of Poetry and Music

by Jade Wallace

I: Youthful Bro

YOUTHFUL BRO (YB) is on a date with a woman, who considers herself a CASUAL ACQUAINTANCE (CA) of his.

YB: I know what poetry and music are and I understand the difference between them. I have an interdisciplinary cultural studies degree.

CA: What is poetry then?

YB: Poetry, like music, can be readily defined by simply decrying everything that is not poetry as such.

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Defiance in Cadence: Analyzing T.I.’s “I Believe”

by E Martin Nolan

Notes on this analysis: There are no official lyrics for this song, so the lyrics quoted below are based on those compiled by, as well as my own transcriptions (there are some discrepancies). I have also been unable to identify the singer on the track,

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Just as a Troubadour Was: Interview with Marc di Saverio

by Daniel Kincade Renton

This short interview contains my determined attempts to pin down Marc di Saverio on the definition of music in poetry. Notice how the poet’s interests return to the importance and effects of musicality whereas mine obsess over comparison and bifurcation. This tension reminds us that, for the artist whose concern is the spirited life of his work,

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Toward a Hybrid Criticism: This is Not a Poem

by Daniel Kincade Renton

In the late ’60s, an idiosyncratic country singer named Townes Van Zandt wrote and recorded a song called “I’ll Be Here in the Morning.”

The song contains a simple message: the singer feels compelled to hit the road but promises not to leave their lover for at least one more night.