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The Helpless Act of Editing

by Whitney French

Whitney French participates in Canisia Lubrin’s (Dis)Order: The Single Question Series on the theme of convergence in her work. Whitney French is curating an anthology called Black Writing Matters.

What does convergence, this convergence mean for me as an editor?

Editing an anthology is a first for me.

Some say it’s like piecing together a whole,

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An Interview with Laurie D. Graham

by Amy Oldfield

Laurie D. Graham is the author of Settler Education, published by McClelland and Stewart. The poem “Battleford Gravesite” was selected by Margaret Atwood as the poetry winner of The Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in 2014.

Amy Oldfield: This book really is an education;

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Failing at the Task

by Simone Dalton

As part of Canisia Lubrin’s (Dis)Order: The Single Question Series, Simone Dalton answers a single question about her work.

Q: Writing converges different forms of knowing in ways that allow for the possibilities of knowledge to become particularly expansive because this seems to require listening for what is unknown to us.

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Creative Visualization

by Priscila Uppal

As part of Canisia Lubrin’s (Dis)Order: The Single Question Series, Priscila Uppal answers a single question about her work.

I always thought I listened to my body. I’m an extremely active person; some consider me an athlete. I produce a lot of creative work because I listen to my internal and external rhythms to formulate routines of activity that allow for beneficial efficiency in physical as well as creative realms.