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Stan Dragland’s Art of Englishing

by Guadalupe Muro

It was not even 2:15 p.m. but of course Stan Dragland was already there, sitting at a table next to the window at the Starbucks on the corner of College and Beatrice. It was April 15, 2014 and we were supposed to meet at 2:30 p.m. As I walked toward him I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy as I suddenly realized: it’s happening, we made it. Air Carnation, the book I wrote in English,

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An Interview with Daphné B. and Marie Darsigny

by Geneviève Robichaud

It is a somewhat rainy Saturday evening in Montreal. We—Klara du Plessis and I (Geneviève Robichaud)—are expecting Marie Darsigny and Daphné B. at my place for dinner to discuss the fact that they write in a second language and across languages, sometimes combining both French and English. What struck me most was the level of intimacy we reached in such a short amount of time.

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English and Aboriginal Ethnic Identity

by Kalina Newmark, James Stanford, and Nacole Walker

Have you ever seen the movie Smoke Signals? It’s about life in Native America and it was well received by many Native American and Canadian First Nations communities and other audiences. When we discuss this movie with friends from Aboriginal communities (Native American and Canadian First Nations), we find that people like to talk about the character “Thomas,” a young adult exploring his ethnic identity and his place in the world.

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Encrypted Font

by Jeramy Dodds

Font therapy was used in ancient scriptoriums to treat severe malaise. Even though communication of any kind was strictly forbidden in many scriptoriums, some scribes invented faintly-inked, coded fonts which were passed around on scraps of vellum. It often took newly anointed scribes years to talk to anyone or to figure out what was happening.